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Spot Logo drawn by R. Crumb especially for the American Musical Heritage Foundation

The AMHF Spot Logo was dreamed up and designed by our own Fearless Leader, Glenn Allen Howard, based upon a variation of an old 78 rpm record label from the 1920s and drawn by our Advisory Board Member, 78 collector, musician and the AMHF’s own choice for all-time smartest artist, R. Crumb, whose full-time, “on demand” Muse is his own incredible collection of old 78 rpm records.

On the Spot Logo:

The Goddesses are taking care of the Records, in the grooves of which we store the souls of the musicians the muses who are still alive in the grooves and can reach out touch us, move us, inspire and entertain us as deeply as anything else there ever was.

They may be legally dead, but if you have the records, the spirits, the voices, the personalities and the essence of all these artists can be called up from out of the the grooves with a magic wand called a phonograph.

This is real magic, not a trick there’s no ventriloquist in the room, no rabbit up anybody’s sleeve or palmed anything it’s science, it’s for real and it just works, but by definition, it is also spiritual and the spirits that come out of those records are really real, too.

If you can read music you may already have recognized this song from the logo Irving Berlin’s “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody,” from the Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 one the few 20th Century Songwriters who has songs as good as this one, that have fallen out of copyright and are actually in the Public Domain.

The biggest star on Broadway in 1919 was Al Jolson. Here’s Jolie’s finest version of this American Classic:

Al Jolson - A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (1936)